LIVE Bee swarm and Hive removal and polination services

        call or text  for an estimate DAN at 480-298-7983   OR LEO  at 602-538-2242

                                        $15.00 a Pint for raw honey flavors vary
                                        depending on the nectar the bees bring                                              
call 602-538-2242

                                              Alma School and 202 Red Mountain
                                                Mesa  Arizona


         $6.00 a Pint for processed honey when available



Pillar  3" dia by 4" tall $19.00,  pillar 3" by 6"  $21.00 and votives  $2.00  
100% pure bees wax

$12.00 a pound for bees wax



WE can Assemble or  repair your equipment   call or text for an estimate.   Leo 602-538-2242

5 mesh  and 7 mesh hardware cloth by the square foot or lineal foot  48" wide   @  $2.25 per SQ FT.

                                                                    3 in 1 bottom boards   includes winter                                                                     closing board, beetle screen (oil pan NIC),
Mite screen bottom boards with #8 mesh               mite screen (sticky Pads NIC),
                                                                    and pollen trap inserts


Solar wax melters  custom made to your needs          


BEE vacuums built to your needs  with ventilation and cooling for the Arizona summers


            bee funnels and swarm catchers




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